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Blackjack is by far one of the most exciting and well-known casino games in the world and Canadian players flock to internet venues day and night to enjoy it. A free blackjack game is perhaps the best way to learn the ropes, and the game software NetEnt provides is always an excellent choice for enjoying non-paid hands. It is considered a table game and it has a theoretically possible payout of more than 99% when a proper strategy is employed. In this version, four decks of 52 cards are used and they are shuffled prior to each hand by an electronic automatic shuffler. This makes card counting a strategy that is best left alone, but there are odds charts and other things that players can use to improve their overall odds of winning.

Rules and Values

A free blackjack game is just like any other but there is no real money changing hands. In the most classic variant, the player will choose how much he or she wants to wager on the hand. Then, the dealer will give two cards to both the player and the house with both of the player's cards face up and one of the dealer's face down. The individual must look at the visible cards and determine whether or not to hit or stand in order to beat the dealer's hand. However, if any of the two at the virtual table creates a hand that is valued at more than 21, this is considered a bust and an automatic loss. A blackjack is a two-card hand that equals exactly 21 and the traditional payout for this is 3:2. Simply beating the dealer will result in a payout of even money. There are many different variations out there, but each of them pulls from the rules of the classic version. The free options allow players to learn new variants, practice strategies, and employ the use of an odds chart that could never be used in a bricks and mortar venue. All of these things are important for learning how to enjoy it for real money in the future.