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There are many reasons why our Canadian visitors might choose to play a free roulette game online. They might want to practice a new strategy, learn a betting system or just have a good time without fear of losing real money. No matter what, it offers excellent graphics and a great interface with no download, installation or registration required. The game itself is incredibly simple to learn, but the first thing that users must do is determine which variant they want to play. European and French variations offer the best player odds, and it is usually advised to stay away from American styles due to the addition of the double zero pocket and the increased house edge. That's why we offer the European version to play for free. Credits will be used instead of real money, but this still provides ample opportunity for individuals to learn how to manage a bankroll as they go. Upon being seated at the virtual table, users should note the chip denominations as well as the minimum and maximum bets.

How to Play

Getting started is as easy as clicking on the chip denomination that the user intends to wager. Then, looking at the table, it is necessary to understand that there are many bets available. Even money wagers carry the best odds and these include even or odd, red or black and high or low numbers. Of course, it is also completely possible to bet on a single number or even on the zero pocket for a 36 to one payout, but the odds of winning are incredibly slim and it is considered a very risky (if not foolish) move. Then, after clicking the chip denomination, the individual will simply click the spot on the board that corresponds with the bet he or she wants to place. When all of the chips have been placed, clicking 'Spin' will set the wheel in motion. It will spin for a few seconds before stopping, and the pocket in which the ball lands will determine whether or not the player wins or loses. Of course, a free roulette game is one of luck and everyone should remember that, though betting strategies may help with bankroll management.