Land-Based Game Gone Virtual

Online craps is a great way to learn more about this classic casino game. This is a title that requires players to make bets on either a single roll or a serious of rolls of 2 dice. Depending on the variant of online craps that is played, players may play against each other or against the house. One of the reasons this game is so popular is because all you need to play is a couple of dice


When considering the history of this exciting title, it can be traced back to an English offering named Hazard. It is thought that the title originated during the Crusades where it might have attracted the French. It was brought to the casinos of New Orleans by a wealthy American entrepreneur named Bernard de Mandeville. Players would use some of the flaws that were inherent in the classic offering to cheat the house during the first years. The Don't Pass bet was introduced and increased the house's edge somewhat, though.


There are several forms of internet craps that are available. One of these is called Bastard and this is the simplest form of the game. The winning combination of dice is a come out of 7. In this particular variant the house advantage is 5.38%.


A second version of this title is known as 'simplified'. In this version, the winner is the player that turns up a 2, 3, 10, 11, or 12. The house edge on this version of the casino classic is very low at only 2.8%. This is one of the reasons that the simplified version is one of the most popular as it is quite attractive to the player.

High Point

In the high point version of the dice excitement, the roll will be ignored if it is a 2 or a 3 and the dice are rolled again for a better result. Players win if they get an 11 or 12. This version also has a low house advantage as the cut is only 2.3%.

New York

New York craps offers a completely different layout from the other versions of craps. There are no come and don't come bets. When a player wins their bets in this exciting variant, hey will have to give up 5% of the commission to the online site.

Playing Online

Learning the game of online craps is relatively easy, but mastering the game and turning a profit can be difficult. This is a dice game where winning depends on either a single or a series of rolls of the dice. The first bets are made by the shooter or the dealer and these bets are followed by bets from the other players that are a bit complicated to follow for beginners. Playing online craps is the best way to learn the rules as you can play for free until you understand the bets.